Minyak Pengasih Panglima- Powerful Dayak Attraction Oil

Introducing a very special Minyak Pengasih that is made and strongly empowered using the ancient “Dayak” method from East Java.

Those who are spiritual and into occult will know that Dayak Shaman has a reputation of creating some of the most powerful charms especially for love and often Dukuns would seek their help to create spiritual items.

This oil is made using a combination of some of the most powerful occult ingredients that my Guru has obtained through his source directly from the Dayak tribe. These ingredients have already been ritualized by the Dayaks and my Guru creates this oil following his own empowerment method as well.



Minyak Pengasih Panglima *Powerful Dayak Attraction Oil* High Level

**Special Batch of Minyak Ghoib Believed to Bestow all Properties in terms of Attraction, Authority, Dominance, Protection, Spiritual Cleansing & Many More.

This oil could be used in various ways not only in terms of love and courtship but it can also be used for business and social purposes. It is highly recommended to apply this oil daily as it will settle into your aura and naturally boost your personal magnetism energies (aura pemikat)

This oil is ideal for wearing when you go to work, socialize, attending meetings, doing sales, a romantic date,s or for business purposes.

This oil is believed to be consecrated for the purpose of attracting wealth, money, unexpected windfall, and business success.

One of the main ingredient this oil is Dayak Empowered Bamboo Perindu and its oil extract. In the Kalimantan Jungles there is a species of Bamboo tree known as Bamboo Perindu. Its root is known to have high elemental energies associated with the power of attraction, magnetism and fascination.

The Dayak Tribes of Kalimantan use this rare magical oil from the tree to create powerful love charms for attracting the opposite sex. It is believed to help waken sexual desires towards you in a natural way and those who affected by the oil is said to find you sexually appealing and attractive. It is believed that if a person stay close to the user of this oil long enough, they will always feel like want to be with the user all the time.

Applying this oil daily is also believed to perceive healing powers, increase spiritual strength, enlighten and greatly boost one’s well-being spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

This oil can also be applied prior or during business negotiations, important meetings or when making sales proposals. Alternatively, it could also be applied onto cash registers or safe boxes to attract money as this oil is believed to draw wealth from all directions, sources, improves luck and help manifest one’s financial goals and desires.


Properties and Benefits

If one’s intention is to use this oil for Money Attraction, these are the following properties it is believed for.

Attracts new customers and increases sales to business owners

Attracts wealth and prosperity to all

Stabilises ones financial future

Guarantees successful business negotiations

Increases sources of operating capital for your business

Helps to secure loans or other sources of financing

Helps with removing debts

many more..

For those who wish to use this oil for Attraction and Love, these are the following properties it is believed for..

  • This oil is believed to attract and draw upon the attention of the opposite sex or it may also be directed to any specific person the user desires simply by touching the oil onto the target.
  • This oil is believed to help the user in the intiial stage of a relationship eg. dating and courtship. Likewise, the oil is also said to help one stabilise their relationship or marriage.
  • This oil can also be directed to one’s compation to preven adulterous affairs and stabilize harmony within the relationship. if your spouse is cheating, he or she has the potential of returning back to you, without disagreement.
  • One of the powers of this oil is known as Ilmu Maha Tembus, an adebt magical art of Pengasih that when incorporated into an oil through ritual could make the oil very powerful.
  • Hence applying this oil is believed to increase the user’s sex appeal profoundly, making the user extremely desirable to the opposite sex as well as help soften the heart of one who may have rebuked you or subdue a stubborn person.
  • Another great property of this oil is known as Ilmu Penunduk, when incorporated into the oil through ritual, believed to bestow its user with great power of authority, dominance, and powerful aura that automatically demands respect from others and feared by enemies.

More could be said about this oil but it is encouraging that you should try and experience it yourself.

If our product does not do as what it is described, we will not have nearly 1k positive reviews with many returning customers and long time supporters.