Solomon Wealth Ring

Sacred Solomon mantra of Khia Musulmani, one of the most powerful seal of Solomon in Islamic version, who is also known as Nabi Sulaiman.

It is said that those who possess this yantra will enjoy all form of material comforts, luxuries and wield great spiritual cultivation and power.



Solomonic Ring of Wealth, Fortune & Power

King Solomon (also known as Prophet Sulaiman) is known to be the richest prophet that owns the worldly treasures and have all the material pleasures in the world in every religious text. This is mainly because Solomon has the power to command Jinns, this is proven and believed even in christianity and islam. It is said that King Solomon possess a special ring and some believe that the mantras of the ring which he used to gain all the wealth and material pleasures is the ring of Khia Musulmani, the one that is engraved on this.

So one of the main beliefs of this ring is that those who wear it can never be harmed by any spirits, jinns or be affected by any kind of black magic. At the same time, the wearer will be able to easily attract wealth, become very lucky in anything he does be it business, risk-taking, sales, investment etc.


Properties and Benefits

The wearer will never lack financial or material gains

The wearer will always accumulate wealth and fortune

The wearer will always be in a high position of authority in all walks of life

The wearer cannot be affected by Black Magic and Spiritual disturbance.

Will always prosper in all directions.

Will never be short of money

Increase source of income and open doors to new opportunities

Be respected and well-liked by everyone around

This magic of this ring have been tested and proven for centuries in the Malay culture among occult practitioner but not many laymen knows about it. Words could now justify the virtue of this ring, you have to try it yourself to know its effects.

Ring is adjustable so you dont have to worry about the size 🙂