Wealth Fetching King Centipede Pearl

Centipede Pearls are known to be the Most Powerful Mustika stone for Luck & Wealth. Centipede Pearls are known to be one of the most mysterious and highly treasured mystic objects that possess great magical and spiritual powers mainly for bringing extreme luck with risk-taking, attracting wealth and increasing one’s luck to win in-game of chance, bestows upon strong instinct and success with risky investments throughout centuries in the spiritual community. Centipede Pearls are exceptionally prized commodities especially among gamblers, businessmen and laymen for their intriguing beliefs and power for bringing great luck and fortune, thus making it one of the most sought after lucky mystical objects in many cultures among those who believe in spiritual stones or amulets.



Wealth Fetching King Centipede Pearl | Geliga Lipan | Mustika Lipan | Satpadi Mani | 蜈蚣珠

Our King Centipede Pearls are very rare and 100% Genuine from East Java. Centipede Pearls are not native to other countries like Thailand, Cambodia etc nor are they recognized or sought after. Centipede Pearls are only sought after in the Malay peninsula such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. These are remarkably valued items because of their diverse uses and power.

It is said that Centipede Pearls bestows its owner with similar traits as Pearl’s host (The Centipede). Centipedes are highly intelligent creatures that are fast-moving and can overcome any obstacles. They are also known to hunt down preys that are much larger than them and feared even by snakes and the mightiest of the predators. It is believed that whoever possess a genuine Centipede Pearl will also develop similar traits such as accomplishing goals faster, be able to secure big opportunities, overcome stables and be respected by everyone around and gain popularity and fame.

Note: Some people claim to encounter Throbbing Sensation, Crawling or tingling feeling while holding onto the pearl while most people could feel its warm energy. Our Centipede Pearls can clear your very own negative internal energy, after which boost your own Luck and Wealth. One other benefit would be to boost your interpersonal relationships, not to mention social interaction.


Properties and Benefits

Centipede Pearls are strongly believed to bestow its owner with these magical virtues and properties..


⭐️Gambling Luck

⭐️ Attracts SIDE WEALTH and unexpected windfall

⭐️ Wealth Attraction, Business & Career

⭐️ Instincts / Strong Intuition

⭐️ Enhance Positive Aura & Improve Appearance

⭐️ Improves Relationship. Promotes loving-kindness and be able to gain sympathy from others

⭐️ Attracts good opportunities & benefactors

⭐️ improves Mental clarity, sharp mind and alertness.

⭐️ Helps with high-risk investments

⭐️ Strong Protection against danger, spirits and jinns.

⭐️ Greatly boost your overall LUCK

⭐️ Attracts wealth and fortune

⭐️ Attracts side wealth and unexpected windfall

⭐️ Brings good business and fame

⭐️ Success with any risk-taking investment

⭐️ Be able to make right decisions

⭐️ Promotes mental clarity and sharp mind

⭐️ Enhance your body energy

⭐️ Dispel negative energies and evil eyes

⭐️ Protect from black magic and evil spirits

Many more..


The Highest Grade King Centipede Pearls

Our King Centipede Pearls are known to be of the highest grade and we guarantee it. Our Centipede Pearls are known as Geliga Lipan Maharaja that is only native to East Java and deep in the mountains of Cirebon. All our Pearls have gone through intense empowering rituals (pengisian) and blessing by our Dukun whom we have been working with for many years, ensuring the highest aura and energy, hence the reason why our customers can see the miraculous effects of it, just look at all the testimonials, they speak for themselves.

All my Geliga Lipan are properly obtained and infused with aura and energy through intensive prayers. They are not driven by any Spirit or Jinn. Any object from nature will have its own elemental khodam attached to it which bestows certain blessings to its wearer.

Bulu Perindu and other sacred objects were added together with our Geliga Lipan to amplify its aura and wealth fetching properties. It is believed that those who are spiritually sensitive may be able to feel its energy ie tingling or crawling sensation when holding onto the pearl. It is also said to grow bigger over time.  We will also provide a free Minyak Ruqyah, Special Oil to apply on the pearl and also yourself to enhance energy, aura and further boost it.

Centipede Pearls / Geliga Lipan are known to bestow many powerful attributes owner as well as similar traits as the pearl’s host. It is said that centipede is a symbol of wealth because they are fast-moving creature and clever hunters that can easily catch preys that are way larger hence those who own its pearl is believed to be able to catch good fortune and opportunities easily as well as accomplish goals easily and progress higher in life more quickly.

Centipede Pearls are widely believed to bestow its owner with wealth luck while assuring potential success in all kinds of risk-taking ventures or investments. Regardless of whether it is placed at home or carried in the pocket daily, the owner will still reap the positive benefits.

Centipede Pearl is also believed to possess strong Attraction / Pengasih / 人員 properties and its believed to help its owner gain higher social standing, popularity, and greater fame.